Dental Hygienist

"Just been to see Kate for the first time and was amazed at how different the approach and expertise was. I went in to get my teeth cleaned or I suppose you would say to have dental hygienist appointment. My teeth are clean but I also got my gums checked, advice / demo on brushing and cleaning my teeth and gums. Kate was lovely, friendly and very professional. On the way out I even said that I had enjoyed the appointment and felt rested."


Expert dental hygiene treatments for patients across Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire

At Audley Dental Solutions, our in-house dental hygienist, Kate Barker, helps our patients maintain good oral health by offering professional teeth cleaning services to protect against gum disease and tooth decay. She is highly experienced in treating disease around dental implants, using advanced techniques and local anaesthetics on patients so treatments are pain-free.

Why is it important to see a dental hygienist?

Regular dental hygiene visits ensure your gums and teeth are maintained and kept in the best possible shape. It helps to avoid tooth decay, gum disease and tooth loss. You also receive tailored oral hygiene advice to ensure you have the most effective routine at home.

Dental hygiene for implant patients

Dental Implants need to be looked after to keep them healthy. Seeing a dental hygienist every 3-6 months will help to ensure your implants stay healthy long-term and avoid any problems.

Performing a minimally-invasive treatment called Perioflow, implant surfaces can be dealt with gently on both soft and hard tissues, using a mixture of air, water and antibacterial spray to effectively remove bacteria.

The benefits of seeing a dental hygienist

  • Removal of plaque and tartar build-up that can’t be achieved from brushing

  • Deeper-level treatments under local anesthetics

  • Advice and essential treatment for keeping teeth, gums, and yourself healthy

  • Get brighter, whiter teeth by cleaning and polishing to remove stains caused by smoking, red wine, coffee and tea.

Why choose Audley Dental Solutions for your dental hygiene treatment

Our team of qualified Dental Hygienists, Registered Specialist Dentists, Dental Implant Surgeons, and Dental Nurses are all highly qualified and experienced in these procedures.

Kate Barker is our in-house Dental Hygienist with over 20 years of experience in dentistry. She is passionate about her care and treatment to improve patient’s oral hygiene and strives to help patients maintain good oral health. Kate qualified as a hygienist at the prestigious Eastman Dental hospital in 2006 and has worked in private dentistry ever since. She has gained extensive knowledge in treating periodontal disease and the maintenance of dental implants – all with a very holistic approach. Recently Kate trained at Portsmouth dental academy to use dental lasers to help treat gum disease around teeth and implants.

Our state of the art practice based just outside of Bicester in the beautiful village of Stratton Audley is equipped with the latest technology, including a cutting-edge Dental CT scanner.

Patient care is at the centre of everything we do. Our goal as a dental practice is to deliver a high level of expertise, compassion and care alongside getting you the results from treatment that you want. Our patients, many of whom have been visiting us for years, tell us that’s why they wouldn’t go anywhere else.


Dental hygiene treatments prices start from £95.

Hygiene treatment can now be accessed directly without the need for a dental examination. If you wish to see Kate, please call the practice and our reception team can advise you of the process. We do, however, recommend you see a General Dentist for your routine dental care.

Kate can be called upon to create tailor made implant maintenance plans for those patients wishing to take advantage of our 5 year implant warranty.

Our fees reflect the level of service and care we give to our patients. We guarantee to use the most advanced methods for planning your surgery, to use our extensive surgical expertise and to employ only the best materials and products to provide you with high quality, predictable implant solution.

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